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Lucky Buck MineralLucky Buck Mineral is manufactured by MAR-VO MINERAL CO., INC., the same company that has been producing livestock minerals for the past 85 years. Lucky Buck Mineral supplements the deer population's diet with minerals that not only make them healthier, but also help develop bigger, better racks! The most critical thing to consider in wild animals is that you can't MAKE them eat anything…they have to WANT to eat it. Lucky Buck Mineral is developed with just the right ratios of minerals that deer love, mixed with an ingredient that will limit the amount they want to eat (unlike competitor's attractant mixes that have grain or molasses by-products that cause deer to overeat).

For best results, Lucky Buck Mineral should be used year-round. It is easy to use---just dump it on a stump, log or even on the ground. Stock up to avoid running out. Usage will be greatest in the spring... they should have all they want while their racks are growing. Please remember to follow local laws and regulations for baiting and feeding deer. Check out our list of state regulations on feeding and baiting deer. Lucky Buck Mineral--GUARANTEED BIGGER RACKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK

How do I use Lucky Buck Mineral?
The hardest part is getting the lid off the bucket, Then just dump it on the ground. Try to put it along a main trail and on an old stump or log if available.

How much can I expect them to eat?
A good average is one bucket per site per month from green up in the spring through mid to late July; while the antlers are growing and does are milking heavy. Then one bucket to maintain the site for the rest of the year.

How many sites for my property?
This will depend on the lay of your land. If you have a lot of open fields and a good funnel area you may only need one site for a large acreage. If you have a wooded swampy area you may need several sites to cover even 40 acres if you have no funnels.

What is the difference between Lucky Buck and the other minerals I have tried?
We know the deer will love Lucky Buck Mineral AND WILL NOT OVER EAT. Just eating it is not good enough. You must have control of how much they will eat so you can safely put in aggressive levels of key trace minerals. Most other mineral blends with high Phosphorus magnesium and potassium will have a very bitter taste (try them your self). The deer will not eat them with any consistency or will over eat them if enough flavor and grain products are added.

When should I put it out?
For best results maintain the site all year long. They only use it when they need the mineral and the rest of the year it costs very little to maintain the site but helps hold them on your property for the hunting season.

Will I see the results the first year?
If you start in the early spring most people see the results the first year. We have many customers that have found sheds and have gotten trail cam pictures of the same deer two consecutive years and see a huge increase. If you don't start in the early spring you will see the results by the next year.

Do the doe eat it too?
Yes and you want them too. They produce your bucks. We often have customers see what was their button bucks grow 4-6"spikes the first year. This is not just because the fawn ate the Lucky Buck, but because his mother did and likely bred on an earlier heat giving that fawn a tremendous advantage of being born 3 or 6 weeks earlier. Also the does will milk heavier giving an even greater advantage. These spike horn fawns will have a much larger base size and a huge advantage in the following years.

I only have 10 acres how will that work?
The smaller your acreage the more important it is to give that deer a reason to come and stay. Check out the Dan Farmer story that buck was photographed and harvested on a very small acreage.

Will other animals eat Lucky buck?
Yes most animals will be interested in it but only to the extent of their mineral needs. Most will eat in proportion to their body weight. Small animals such as squirrels and birds will eat very little. Lucky Buck mineral will not attract raccoons and other possibly undesirable animals nearly as much as a food source. Most trail camera pictures of Lucky Buck Mineral alone have very few undesirables in them and most with corn or molasses have many!

How can you guarantee bigger racks?
Because the racks where you feed Lucky Buck will be noticeably bigger. If you can't see the difference after you feed for two years I will give you your money back. You are the judge. You don't have to prove any thing, just tell me they are not bigger. Click here for all the guarantee details.

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Perfect Perennial Seed Mix
Four years of research and seed selection has produced Lucky Buck Perfect Perennial! Selected legume varieties provide longevity of stand and full season whitetail attraction that is unsurpassed by any other.

Lasting a full 4-6 years, Perfect Perennial will save huge reseeding costs as well as provide the optimum array of maturity dates which create a continuous draw to whitetail including both antler growth months and hunting season. Lucky Buck brand products are design to greatly improve your chances at record book bucks.

How is Perfect Perennial better than the other blends of seed?
Most other blends of food plot seeds have a lot of "2 year" clovers. Labeled perennials, they are actually biannuals and make for a disappointing stand in 2 or 3 years. Perfect Perennial has all true perennials and will last 4-6 years.

Is it worth the extra money to plant Perfect Perennial rather than a cheap clover or alfalfa?
The key to the quality of any forage is its stage of maturity. Different varieties have an different time when they are at the ideal stage. By mowing any variety at exactly the right times through out the year you can do a fair job of keeping optimum maturity. Different weather conditions change the timing each year. Perfect Perennial has 10 different varieties that are all selected for maturing at a different time through out the season. Even with out mowing Perfect Perennial will have something that will attract the deer at any time of the year.

When do I plant Perfect Perennial?
Either spring or fall work well. Early spring through mid June or the last half of August through mid September. Avoid the hottest driest part of the summer in late June through the first part of August.

Do I need to work the ground?
We strongly recommend killing the existing vegetative growth with a contact herbicide like Round Up. Then either work the soil or use a no till drill. Do not plant too deep. With a well tilled plot you can just broadcast and then roll or cultipack in to get maximum seed to soil contact.

What should the PH of the soil be?
We like an ideal of 7.0. , 6.5 is ok and we don't want you to even plant if it is under 6.2.

How much sunlight does the plot need?
Don't plant Perfect Perennial if it will not get at least 2 hours of potential sunlight each day.

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