Lucky Ewe Mineral 20 LB Bucket

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Finding a high-quality mineral that is palatable and safe for sheep can be difficult. Copper, which is found in most mineral supplements, is toxic to sheep. Even extremely small amounts of copper can be fatal. Feed mills don't often stock copper-free supplements and those that do don't sell much of it so their stock is rarely rotated which can reduce the effectiveness of the supplement.

Small flocks are often raised on pasture grass most of the year. As a result, they don't need additional energy or protein supplementation that is usually given in the form of grain. Because of this, a free choice mineral such as Lucky Ewe can be made available for sheep to have whenever they need it, without the worry of overconsumption. When the worry of overeating is eliminated, a sheep mineral can be formulated with aggressive levels of beneficial minerals that will be consistently consumed by the sheep when their body needs it.

Many sheep mineral supplements come with a very low level of iodine in the formula. Iodine is a very important mineral. Lucky Ewe is formulated with sea kelp which is known to be high in Iodine and can have a higher absorption rate than other forms of Iodine.

Lucky Ewe also contains Diatamatious earth which is believed to help control internal parasites and possibly help control flies and fly larva.

Lucky Ewe is formulated with Diatamatious Earth and sea kelp for a natural way to supplement your sheep. All ingredients should be accepted by most organic certification agencies. It can be fed free choice with consistent intake.

Looking for a natural, safe mineral supplement for your sheep? Look no further than Lucky Ewe!

Benefits of Lucky Ewe:

  • Made for small farms 
  • Free choice mineral
  • Controlled consumption
  • Aggressive levels of trace minerals like:
    • Selenium  
    • Iodine
  • Natural ingredients like:
    • Diatomaceous Earth
    • Sea Kelp



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