July 22, 2019 3 min read

lucky buck deer mineral for huntingOne of the most discussed topics among deer hunters is food plots. Everyone loves to talk about how many food plots hunters should have, where to plant food plots, and which type of seed to plant in a food plot. Very few hunters discuss the importance of feeding deer minerals. Providing wild deer with minerals is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to help the deer in your area. Deer minerals like Lucky Buck contain minerals that deer need but don’t often eat on a regular basis. During the spring and summer, deer crave minerals. If you provide the minerals, the deer won’t need to travel to someone else’s property to get them. Below are a few tips to help you get started.

Starting a mineral site doesn’t require a lot of work. You just need to pull the lid off of a bucket of Lucky Buck and pour it on the ground. The key to success is knowing where to pour the mineral for maximum success.

If deer bed on your property, putting a mineral site near their bedding area is a great idea because they can eat the mineral when they are leaving and coming to their bed. The closer a mineral site is to their bedding area, the less they have to travel to get the minerals they need.

Another great place to put deer mineral is near a heavily traveled corridor between a food source and a bedding area. Many deer land managers place deer minerals at major intersections in the woods where a lot of deer frequent. A place where several runways come together is a great place to put deer mineral.

Putting deer mineral near a water source is another great idea. When deer are finished eating mineral, they typically take a drink at a nearby water source. If you have a water source on your property such as a pond or creek, you are giving deer multiple reasons to stay in the area.

The middle of a food source is another place to put deer mineral. Many hunters put a mineral site on the edge of food plots or right in the middle of food plots. When deer are done eating lush green grass or clover, they often crave salt and other nutrients that are found in Lucky Buck mineral.

Maybe there is a place on your property where deer have a year round scrape or licking branch. This is also a great place to put out a bucket of Lucky Buck. It is also important that hunters place a trail camera over the mineral site so they can monitor the deer that are visiting the mineral.

The question that is often asked is how many buckets of Lucky Buck should be put out on a piece of property during a year? It all depends on how much property a person owns and how many deer frequent the property on a regular basis. Each site should be replenished 4-6 times per year, depending on how often the deer eat the mineral.

Over the course of a year on a small 20-acre parcel, five or six buckets is enough. On a 100-acre lot, more mineral will be needed. Putting out deer mineral is the least expensive investment you can make to help improve the overall health of a deer herd. For about $100 a year, a mineral site will still have plenty of mineral in it to give deer the extra nutrition they need. It is important to note that deer need mineral all year, not just in the spring or fall.

Give us a call or visit a Lucky Buck retailer and get your mineral site started today.