The Big Bucks

Spring of 2000
On a farm where Lucky Buck Mineral had been fed for a year, a shed was found. It was an extra heavy, nice 8 point. Unknown at the time, the matching side was found a half mile away by a neighboring farmer. These shed horns scored about 145.

Winter of 2000
After continuing to feed Lucky Buck Mineral, another shed was found that was simply unbelievable...very heavy with tines 13 inches long! This shed was found by the same man who found the first shed the previous spring. He found the other half under the snow close to where the first side was. Together these scored 165 and were again a perfect 8 point.

Summer of 2001
Neighbors were seeing a huge buck that was believed to be the owner of both the previously found sheds...and he appeared to be getting bigger. The buck was filmed by a bow hunter in early October within a half mile of where the Lucky Buck Mineral was put.

November 16, 2001
Victor Bulliner was hunting with a shotgun on property bordered on two sides by land where the Lucky Buck Mineral was used. He shot the buck of a lifetime! Vic's buck was scored by a panel of Boone & Crocket scorers. The buck scored 180 3/8", exactly matching the world record set in 1965 in South Dakota. The most impressive thing about this buck was that its main beam length was longer than any buck in the entire Boone & Crocket book, either typical or non-typical, with any number of points!

"My friends and I hunted the same property since 1976. The biggest buck we killed on the property before 2001 was in the 110" class. The only change was to start feeding Lucky Buck in the spring of 1999 on adjoining properties. Lucky Buck has been fed ever since."
-Vic Bulliner

On opening day 2006, in Adams County Oh, Jonathon Schmucker of Seaman, took a massive 36 point buck. The buck was taken with a crossbow. Because the buck had access and was eating Lucky Buck, Jonathon appropriately named the huge whitetail "The Amish Lucky Buck." The huge buck's green score was 304 gross and with deductions scored a 294 7/8". The inside spread was 24 inches as confirmed by the Ohio Department of Wildlife.

On Thanksgiving day 2004 in Michigan, Dustin Hotchkins took this state record nontypical 17 point with his muzzleloader. It scored 204 1/8".

November 14th, 2004 - Aaron Davis takes this non-typical Michigan state record for Archery. His rack has 26 inch spread and 25 inch main beams. Aaron used Lucky Buck for 2 years leading up to this trophy.

This is the biggest whitetail harvest ever captured completely by accident on a trail camera. A 24 inch spread and 15 inch G-2's make this 5 x 5 an awesome buck! 300 lbs live weight and the rack still looks huge. This is an archery kill in Western Wisconsin that you'll want to see over and over again. 3 years of management including the use of Lucky Buck Mineral to bring him in close makes this a great success. The video shows him taking his last lick of Lucky Buck. The fact that this trail cam takes 9 second clips and the hunter didn't know when it was running makes it a miracle that he captures this exact footage. A one in a million buck and one in a million footage. See video below.