June 29, 2017 2 min read

By Tracy Breen

Summer buckSummer is a great time to take inventory of the deer in your area. There is no better way to take inventory than by using Lucky Buck Mineral in conjunction with a high quality scouting camera. Hanging a scouting camera near a feed sight isn’t anything new. However, there are many advantages to using Lucky Buck verses other products when trying to get pictures of the bucks and does in your area. For starters, Lucky Buck is a product that is good for deer. Many of the attractants hunters use to bring bucks in front of a camera are nothing more than a snack. Corn laced with molasses, corn with sunflower seeds and a variety of other attractants are often used to bring deer in. The problem is these products don’t contain the minerals and nutrients a deer needs to stay healthy and strong. Putting Lucky Buck out during the summer will get you plenty of pictures of the deer in your area and will provide the deer with good nutrition.

After Lucky Buck has been put on the ground, deer will regularly come back all summer when they need minerals. This does two things; it gives deer the minerals they need and it gets the deer used to coming to a certain location. After visiting the sight for months, deer will quickly walk in without a care in the world. If you end up hunting near the mineral sight, deer will come in regularly by the time hunting season opens.

If your property has water, food and bedding areas available for deer, it could be lacking the minerals deer need. If they can’t find what they need on your property, they will go somewhere else for it. By having Lucky Buck on your property, you are giving the deer one more reason to stay on or near your property.

I like using Lucky Buck is because the mineral site isn’t always easy to see. Many scouting cameras get stolen when a person walks up on a pile of corn and starts looking for a camera. Usually within a week or two after I put out Lucky Buck, much of the mineral has been spread out by the deer and some of it has soaked into the soil. The deer know it is there and they continue to eat it. Lucky Buck is not a neon sign like other types of feed can be.

Lucky Buck is extremely economical. One bucket of Lucky Buck will last for weeks and weeks; it will not rot or become stale like deer feed. If you are on a budget, Lucky Buck is a great product for you.

If you have scouting cameras out, food plots planted and you are already putting tree stands up, don’t forget to put out a bucket or two of Lucky Buck. The summer is a great time to give deer a mineral for antler growth and be able to get a few pictures in the process.