April 16, 2020 1 min read



"An average joe can go out and kill a monster buck." Here's an amazing story that ended with a world class deer. After a three-season hunt, in December of 2018, Mark Watson landed himself a 290 inch monster... the 2nd largest buck ever recorded in the state of Kansas!

So why the three-year chase?

Mark said the buck grew significantly during those three years, and Lucky Buck is his primary mineral. He's been using Lucky Buck to grow his "Watson Brothers Buck" for years, long before this buck even showed up. He kept Lucky Buck out year-round to keep him content and routine.

"Right now, I already have Lucky Buck out," Mark says. "Everybody waits until August or September to throw it out, but their antlers are developing NOW. Now is when you get it."

Hunting this deer, Mark says, changed the way he hunts completely.

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