Why Does Lucky Buck Have So Much Salt?

January 06, 2017 3 min read

Is Salt Bad?

Can you name more than one animal species on earth that has health problems related to excess salt? If there is one, other than humans, I have never heard of it. The reason WE have a problem is because we mix it with our soft drinks and cover the taste with high fructose corn syrup. Then we add it to every other thing we eat like fries, chips, pop corn, steak, chicken, etc. If we did not add salt to any of our food and just had a bowl on the table and took a few licks out of it when our bodies craved it, we would not over eat salt either. We would consume the correct amount for our bodies needs.

Does Salt Grow Antlers??

As my competitors are quick to point out, salt does not directly improve antler size. However it is the best way to get the things that do influence antler growth in to the deer. It is the mode of transportation I use to get extra calcium and key trace minerals into the deer at the right rates and the right time for improving antler growth.

Why Does Lucky Buck Mineral Have Two Thirds Salt?

As a nutritionist I can not begin to formulate an aggressive nutritional program unless I know consumption levels. I have asked many of my competitors how much of their mineral they expect the deer to eat. I have yet to get a single response that makes any sense! Usually they think for a minute and come up with an answer like the more the better! WRONG ANSWER! If I am paying $35 per bag for this mineral it is really the wrong answer; and if I were the nutritionist that was trying to formulate it, that’s not a good answer either. For example, if it is only possible for a deer to healthily eat 5 oz of an ingredient, I have to formulate Lucky Buck for this level other wise it could be harmful to the deer. Selenium is one example. It is toxic if you feed to much. Most minerals are formulated for a very high consumption rate which means they have very low concentrations of some of the key ingredients like selenium. When most of the deer do not consume these levels the effectiveness is minimal!

Lucky Buck Mineral has a very small variability in consumption because of its salt level. The deer are aggressively drawn to it, but then can not over eat on it. For a deer to eat 5 oz of Lucky Buck mineral per day would be like you eating a whole bowl of salt that I offered you right now! You would not eat it or if you were foolish enough to try, you would not come back and eat it again tomorrow.

I believe I can accurately tell how many deer are on your property if you tell me how many pounds of Lucky Buck you fed in a year–as long as they never run out and it is their only salt source. It is this kind of control over intake and aggressive levels of other minerals that makes Lucky Buck Mineral the most effective deer mineral on the market. Just give it a try, if you can’t tell the difference in antler size, I will give you your money back!