September 03, 2019 1 min read

You may not use dogs, domestic animals, bait, radios, handguns, rifles, and crossbows (except as described below), automobiles, aircraft, electronic calls or any mechanical conveyance or device to hunt deer. Persons who meet one or more of the following conditions would be considered eligible for a non-ambulatory deer license and able to hunt from a stationary motor-driven conveyance: paralyzed from the waist down; the loss or partial loss of both legs; or any other physical affliction 
which makes it impossible to walk from place to place successfully.
“Bait” means grain, fruit, vegetables, nuts, hay, salt, mineral blocks, or any other natural food materials, commercial products containing natural food materials or by-products of such materials transported to or placed in an area for the purpose of attracting wildlife. Bait does not include livestock feed placed during normal agricultural activities.
(pg 34)


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