September 03, 2019 1 min read


Wild turkey or bears shall not be hunted by the aid of bait, nor shall areas be hunted where bait is present. This includes private lands baited for deer. An area is considered baited for 30 days after all bait has been removed. A baited area is any place where feed, grains or other substances capable of luring wild turkeys or bears have been placed. An area where grains or other feeds exist as the result of legitimate agricultural practices, or as the result of growing or manipulating a crop for wildlife management is legal for hunting.
(pg 9)

Elk may not be hunted over bait on public or private lands within the elk zone. However, it is legal to hunt elk over bait outside the elk zone.
(pg 18)

A person shall not distribute or place bait, hunt over bait or otherwise participate in baiting wildlife on a WMA.
(pg 26)

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