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Hunter/Trapper Harassment Prohibited
A person may not prevent or disrupt another person from taking or preparing to take a wild animal. A person may not disturb wild animals with the intent to prevent or disrupt another person from hunting. Placing bait for the purpose of preventing or disrupting another person from lawfully hunting deer would be considered unlawful under the hunter harassment laws.
(pg 29)

Hunting Method Restrictions - Hunting Deer With Bait is Illegal
Hunters are not allowed to take deer with the aid or use of bait. "Taking" includes attempting to take.

  • Bait - includes grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, hay, or other food that is capable of attracting or enticing deer and has been placed by a person.
  • Baiting - means placing, exposing, depositing, distributing, or scattering bait that is capable of attracting or enticing deer.

What is bait?
Liquid scents (example: doe in heat), sprays, salt, and minerals are not bait if they do not contain liquid or solid food products.
Read the ingredient label on all products prior to use. Many products, including newer liquid, powder and block forms, contain food or attractants such as grains, fruits, and sugar derivatives (glucose, dextrose, and fructose). If a salt or mineral product has anything other than salt or mineral in it, it is illegal to use for hunting. A person otherwise in compliance with this section who is hunting on private or public property that is adjacent to the property where bait or food is present is not in violation if the person has not participated in, been involved with, or agreed to baiting or feeding wildlife on the adjacent property.

Removal of bait
All bait must be completely removed for 10 days prior to hunting.

Agricultural crops from normal or accepted farming, forest management, wildlife food plantings, orchard management, or other similar land management activities are not bait. What's normal? This exclusion does not apply to agricultural crops that have been reintroduced and concentrated where a person is hunting.

A person has an abundance of an agricultural crop and intends to use it as "green manure" or fertilizer. A person may reintroduce the agricultural crop to the field by spreading it out over a previously planted field. If the landowner piles or concentrates the agricultural crop where they hunt deer, it would be considered bait.

Penalties for baiting violations - revocation and confiscation

  • A person may not obtain any deer license or take deer under a lifetime license for 1 year after the person is convicted of hunting deer with the aid or use of bait. A second conviction within 3 years would result in a 3-year revocation. The revocation period doubles if the conviction is for a deer that is a trophy deer scoring higher than 170 inches.
  • Firearms and bows used to take deer with the aid or use of bait will be seized and are subject to confiscation upon conviction.
    (pg 76)



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