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Baiting Regulations

  • Use of bait while hunting is illegal. Bait includes grain or other feed placed or scattered so as to attract deer or turkeys.
  • An area is considered baited for 10 days after complete removal of the bait.
  • A hunter can be in violation if they take or attempt to take a deer or turkey by the aid of bait where the hunter knows or reasonably should know that the area is or has been baited.
  • It is illegal to place bait in a way that causes others to be in violation of the baiting rule.
  • Doe urine and other scents may be used to attract deer while hunting, as long as the scents are not used on or with grain or other food products.
  • Mineral blocks, including salt, are not considered bait. However, mineral blocks that contain grain or other food additives are prohibited.
  • The use of mineral blocks and salt is not allowed on conservation areas.
  • It is legal to hunt over a harvested crop field, but it is not legal to add grain or other crops, such as apples, to the field after it has been harvested.
  • Manipulating crops, such as mowing or knocking them down, is not considered baiting for deer and turkeys; however, it is illegal to hunt waterfowl over manipulated crops.
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Grain, salt products, minerals, and other consumable products used to attract deer are prohibited year-round within CWD Management Zone counties. The following exceptions are allowed:

  • Feed placed within 100 feet of any residence or occupied building
  • Feed placed in a manner that excludes access by deer
  • Feed and minerals used solely for normal agricultural, forest management, or wildlife food-plot production practices
  • Feed placed as part of a feral hog or CWD management effort authorized by the Conservation Department
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