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Prohibited Activities: Feeding or baiting of wildlife.
(pg 11)

The following means of taking big game are not allowed: baiting, snares, traps, salt licks, jacks or other lights.
(pg 24)

It is illegal to hunt or take any wild animal by using bait during any deer hunting season, except that trappers may use bait in taking furbearers. Bait is defined as any animal, vegetable, fruit or mineral matter placed with the intention of attracting wildlife. Artificial scents and lures are legal, provided they are not designed to be consumed by eating or licking. Deer lures containing any cervid urine, blood, gland oil, feces, or other bodily fluids, are illegal to use in Vermont. It is illegal to take deer by using bait with the following exceptions:

  • Incidental feeding of wildlife within active livestock operations;
  • Standing crops planted and left standing as food plots for wildlife;
  • Grain or other feed scattered or distributed solely as a result of normal agricultural, gardening, or soil stabilization, and logging practices; and
  • Vegetation or food/seed naturally deposited.

    It is illegal to feed wild deer at any time except:

    • Under a license or permit issued by Fish & Wildlife for scientific research, mitigation of wildlife damage or nuisance problems, or wildlife population reduction programs;
    • By planting, cultivating or harvesting of crops directly associated with agricultural practices, including planted wildlife food plots.
      (pg 25-26)

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