October 20, 2016 2 min read

Big buckBecause it works–guaranteed! Lucky Buck Mineral is formulated for WILD WHITETAIL and contains none of the very bitter tasting minerals normally put into confined livestock feeds. If the deer don’t eat it, I know for sure it will not do them any good. These bitter tasting minerals, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium are known to be a large part of the mineral content of the antler and have been put into deer minerals in large quantities because of this. In most areas these are not the limiting minerals for antler growth because of the amounts of these minerals available in the forages the deer consume. Lucky Buck Mineral has the tasty minerals the deer love to eat but equally important it is formulated to limit the amount of mineral the deer will eat. This does two things–it allows us to safely put in extremely high levels of key trace minerals that are critical for antler growth, and saves you money because the deer eat very limited amounts. Usually the deer will only eat about 1.5 cents worth of Lucky Buck Mineral each day for the whole year. With 20 deer on your property, feeding Lucky Buck mineral will usually cost you less than half the price of what one soft drink or coffee would cost you each day.

Three Major Factors Impact Antler Size:

  1. AGE: is always a factor and usually the most important! It is difficult to improve the age structure but worth the effort, LET THEM GROW!
  2. GENETICS: Every area has good genetics and poor genetics. Much blame or credit for antler size falls on genetics. Actually, environmental factors like natural soil fertility, high protein crops, natural minerals, or age structure are the reasons some areas produce more big bucks. You can have very little impact on genetics by management. Any state or county can produce big bucks!
  3. NUTRITION: Usually not a major limitation to antler size unless food supplies are short enough to cause overly thin deer or not allow the bucks to recover body weight losses during rut. Protein is very important for antler size but is expensive to Supplement because it requires intensive feeding or planting. Many areas that have commercially grown beans and intensively cut hay have all the protein they need. Mineral’s are easy to administer. Just dump it out and compared to an intensive feeding or planting program. Feeding mineral is very economical and results are dramatic. You usually see the results in only one season.