September 15, 2016 2 min read

world record buck1996
The “Lucky Buck” deer mineral was developed. I used the technical information used in the mineral formulations for our dairy cows in developing a mineral mix that would help deer develop larger antlers. I marketed “Lucky Buck” in Jay’s Sporting Goods and around the northern part of Lower Michigan.

The response was good, but after two years tuberculosis became a real problem for our livestock producers. I quit manufacturing “Lucky Buck” at that time and was not planning on making any more.

1997 – 1998
However, I had a customer in the Addison area who had been feeding Lucky Buck for a year. He shot the two biggest bucks he had ever taken in over 45 years of hunting. He had both of them mounted and a neighbor of mine saw them and learned of the mineral. He came to me and wanted some. At about the same time another neighbor wanted something to attract deer into his house/pond area to watch them. I made some for them and they have been putting it out ever since.

The next spring, my neighbor found a shed antler near where Lucky Buck was being put out, that was an extra heavy, nicely shaped 8 point. Unknown to either of us, another neighbor found the match side to that one while discing a field 1/2 mile away. Those sheds scored an estimated 148!

During the fall of the 2000 bow season, a tremendous 8 point was taken on the same land where Lucky Buck Mineral was being used. In the fall and early winter of 2000, the same neighbor who had found the first side of the antler sheds found one side of what looked like the same deer, only bigger – but still an 8 point. After searching for 6 weeks, walking every deer trail in the area and the entire corn field, he found the match to that shed. That pair was also very heavy and scored an estimated 165!

Another year of using Lucky Buck, the neighbors were seeing what we thought was the owner of both the previously found shed pairs. He was even bigger. After being videoed by a bow hunter in early October, he was shot a 1/4 mile from where the mineral had been put. He was shot with a shotgun by Victor Bulliner on November 16th!